Made off…

I have a question and this does keep me up at night. Will Ruth wait for Bernie? Will she wait 150 years? I really don’t understand at all how she didn’t know. And excuse me, 2.5 million is ALL she was left with. Okay. I’ll take that. I’ll take the 2.5, and try to find a home somewhere. I know it’s impossible. I know this is truly an impossible task, but maybe she should move out of NYC and live where the rents are a bit lower. Like hell. I’m thinking there’s probably a place in hell for her. Maybe a studio apartment, sans fireplace.

Or as my friend Charlotte said (so wonderfully,) maybe she can go on House Hunters, and they’ll find a place for her that’s within her budget. Because one can’t live on 2.5 million for too long.

But truthfully, my biggest heartbreak for Ruth, her hairdresser – Louis Licari – gave her the boot. Now she’s like most of us: a clairol woman. Ah, to be ordinary.

I’ll take that anyday.

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