a blogger am i

ok. i’m not a blogger. i’m not even close. but i’ve been told i need to blog, share. say what’s on my mind. i have a book coming out. i need to express myself, get it off my chest, talk incessantly about the things that are on my mind at 3:00 AM, because, well, i am up at 3AM, that’s the whole — sort of — point of my NEW BOOK. okay so this is what’s on my mind. not at 3 am, now. and i’m betting that @ 3AM, most will still be on my mind.
ken’s retirement. uh oh.
my mom. i miss her.
running out of ambien.
abstinence only in pike county, PA – SHITFUL. absolutely horrible & shitfull.
teen pregnancy – scroll up to abstinence only in pike county.
george clooney, or u, hmmmm… GEOGES CLOONEY on facebook. who is that? is there such a person? obviously.
andie east for getting me to do this.
shewrites.com – i LOVE this site. huge. great.
obama – all obama’s.
which brings me back to ken & his retirement.
and while i’m here: what’s up with liz taylor?

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  1. andieeast

    You can and will be a blogger! You’re blogging! You’re funny! Keep it up!

    And yes, keep reading that book. Get back on the bandwagon.

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