googling old boyfriends

need i say more?

okay so here’s the scenario: it’s 3 am, i’m up, ken is fast asleep – snoring, happy, content — ambien-ed out. i get out of bed, and go to my computer and i start googling … first websites, like ReVive to see if i can get moisturizer just a bit cheaper than i pay @ bergdorf’s … no such luck. 150 a pop. uh, no thank you. then i start to check out sales and such (barney’s, banana republic, saks….) and then …. e-bay, and shoe sales, and religious artifacts, and spiritual destinations, like the four seasons yoga retreat, and canyon ranch 5 day get-a-ways for 4,000 dollars before taxes… and the i get fed up. breathe in, breathe out. breathe in, ahhhhh, breathe out.

and then i type in “old boyfriends.” guys i haven’t seen or thought of in years. and whoa…. OH MY GOD….some are now very  famous, some are completely destitute, some are gay, some have married and have three/four kids, and some… uh oh…. are dead.

i can handle the famous, the destitute and the gay. it’s the dead ex-boyfriends that make me think about long ago … the smoking of marijuana & hash, the taking of quaaludes, seconal, percodan and dropping of acid, the allman brothers, commander cody and the lost planet airmen, the grateful dead, the jefferson airplane, laura nyro… LOSING MY VIRGINITY — sex in cars, in alleyways, in supermarkets (yep… waldbaums), and  in bowling alleys — but never, ever in the city.

and to think… i coulda been a (bowling) trophy wife.

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  1. andieeast

    1. Did you read that article about the Greg Allman in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone? Check it out.

    2. My ex boyfriends are more often facebooked then googled. One is still missing, one has a kid, one finally put up a face pic, three are still my friends and one is on the verge of being my ex husband.

  2. electromozzo

    i found you by link from the Directory Listing Script from Ash.. Nice to read your blog ^.^

  3. SergeyNikolaev

    Hey, if I were currently immersed in writing a book explaining set theory, it would have sounded like that to me too, I’m sure.

  4. Vivalkakira

    You think everything sounds like existentialism.

  5. VitalikGromovss

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  6. Schedule

    Maybe you could edit the webpage name googling old boyfriends — Marrying George Clooney to more specific for your subject you make. I enjoyed the blog post withal.

  7. Lynn Ingram

    This is a conversation we will have to have. Two of mine are dead – that I know of. And that is one WEIRD feeling – when someone you have slept with is no longer breathing. I still am not quite sure what to do with that.

    But my favorite is Butch. I tracked him down, talked to him in Ohio – where he had moved just a few months before I found him – and so of course, he had lived nearby until the move – go figure. But it gave me an essay, and it ran in Sasee, a mag down here – and it wound up in the book – and it eventually made his next girlfriend jealous. Did I love that? Oh, yes, I did.

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