he is sleeping soundly. until i say, oh shit, then he rumbles and removes his eye mask and squints at me and asks: whatcha doing? i tell him i’m writing a blog. he says, a blog? i say yeah. since when he asks? since when i say with a hint of attitude… since this is what i’ve been doing since my book is coming out really really soon and since it’s all about my being wide awake and writing @ 3am, and then he says something obnoxious, which quite honestly, i don’t remember because, well… he started off with a comment and turned it into a weird bizarro rap song, which then became a big downer real quickly. just imagine all the words that rhyme with blog … fog, log, hog, snog, gutterbog, clog, mog, fartfog, asshog, fuckyourog…  ah, you get it.

and then then then he says: you know what i’d like to do -i’d like to spend as much time on your lap as your frickin’ computer. fat chance (i think to myself) oh honey that’s so sweet, i say. and then i say: did you just say you wanna spend as much time on my lap as my frickin’ computer? and he says, yeah.

a moment or two of radio silence.

how about tomorrow, i ask?

tomorrow’s good, he says.

my iKen.

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  2. Char

    This is so sweet. I love this. iKen is a catchy name!

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