okay. question. what is faith?

is it trust? as in: barney’s just sent me a “70% off everything” sale postcard, and when i get there, there will be clothing and shoes that fit – that i want and need and must MUST have.

is it spiritual? as in: please, please, please i will do anything ANYTHING just make this happen for me now. I put this out in the universe, and i know KNOW it will come back to me bigger and more and better than i ever hoped possible. Right?

is it in others? as in: oh my god but you said, okay maybe not said with words, but with your actions, you said it with your actions … that you were so much better than me, and i believed you. and  guess what, in the universal scheme of things, you’re not better than me.

in ourselves? as in: please please please PLEASE don’t let me fuck up. not today, today is a big important day and i must be centered and clear headed, and focused, yes, focused, I have faith in myself. and i trust that the universe will hear me.

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