a coupla things on my mind…

1) the kidney gucci rabbi politician thing. can’t shake it.

2) the ugly truth. a bad movie written by 3 women. excuse me, write a good movie that’s about real shit that women can identify with. please, just try it. romantic doesn’t mean crude or sloppy or ignorant or misogynist. it means sexy. as in passion & lust & fighting & making up & breaking up & making up & smart, witty, fiery, snappy  dialogue… it’s not that women aren’t given ample opportunities, it’s that a “couple” of women think most women want this dribble. HEY, NEWS… WE DON’T.

3) my mom’s wedding band, which was supposed to be sent to me after she died, but it seems, was given…hmmmmm … to my niece. a long trail of family nasty.

4) mani. pedi. peri. meni.

5) McFacials. With fries.

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  1. Frances

    I am sick of dumb movies geared towards women (aka, written lazily by people who have very misconstrued ideas about what women actually are interested in/care about)!

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