OMG, it came in the mail – i gave birth!!!!

my book. today. it’s real. it’s beautiful. it’s alive & breathing & mine. and thank god(dess) – it’s healthy. oh my god(dess), it’s so frickin’ healthy. and really so lovely to hold, & look at, and ken is oh, so delighted. oh, he’s just so over the frickin’ moon, and of course, he held it, and said: ooooh. and then he handed it back to me and i looked at it again, and decided i know, i know what i’m gonna call this baby…
i know, i know, a long title slash name, but hopefully real soon folks are just gonna call it: clooney, as in, hey do you have that fabulous funny clooney book in stock, you know that one about menopause and midlife and marriage and mom’s and googling old boyfriends and the salesperson is going to say: … oh, it’s sold out. but we have it on re-order.

a baby is born.
and another window opens.

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