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ken forgot to take his cellphone today. not an unusual sort of thing, this memory lapse. but the thing is, ken and i speak a gazillion times a day. i know, i know. you’re probably thinking, wow, thats sort of close for comfort, but we — ken & i — chat all the time. maybe it’s that we just like each other plenty, maybe it’s that we always have something to say to each other, maybe it’s a sick & fucked up addiction, need… whatever. he’ll call to tell me a flower started to bloom in the garden (he’s such an amazing gardener), i will call to tell him that barney’s is having a shoe sale ( i’m such an amazing shoe shopper) and sometimes we just call each other and say hey i love you.
so today he doesn’t have his cell phone, and because he doesn’t – i am calling him just as much and leaving him messages so when he finally has his phone, he will hear how much i love him, how fabulous the shoes are at bergorf’s, that eunice kennedy shriver died, that we’re having dinner with amy & bob & frank & deb tomorrow night, and fill him in on all the news of the day, and  what the weather will be like for the remainder of the week (he’s such a weather channel freak), and mostly, mostly, that i really miss hearing his voice.

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