pharma boy

this is a true story and i’m gonna keep it short & sweet.
ken and i go into our very favorite local rite-aid to pick up our prescriptions – it seems that the older you get the more drugs you need. i get ambien, zoloft, and lipitor. ken gets ambien, lipitor, some beta blocker drug, valtrex, flomax, and … yep, cialis. his very all time favorite prescription drug.
the druggist, john, says that’ll be 280.00 amy. i say, really john, 280, what the fuck? he says all the drugs are co-pay, but the cialis, the cialis is 200 because you’re only allowed 6 pills a month within the co-pay rules/law … whatever. i turn to ken who is sort of lost in thought and i can tell he’s thinking seriously about paying the big bucks for this. and with that i say:
you think we’re paying 200 bucks for you to get laid… i don’t think so.
we say thank you, john, and leave.
CUT TO: three weeks later.

CLOSE UP: on our monthly visa bill.

there it is, rite-aid, 200 bucks.
that guy of mine went back the next day and picked up his prescription, paid the big bucks, and i can tell you straight up that he was very, very VERY happy for 36 hours.

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