amy in retrograde

not sure if mercury or any other planet was or is in retrograde this past week, but a couple of odd & some very cool things happened. time to share.
not in any particular order:
ken hit a little baby deer. the deer walked away. ken is still baffled by this since it had nothing to do with texting, or celling, or anything tech related. the deer came out of no where, not unlike menopause, i tell him. boom it just shows up.
all these hate filled town hall meetings. omg. what a disgrace. racism anybody? awful awful.
bravo barney frank.
my books arrived. oh so very beautiful. i am prouder than proud! my tits expanded today about a 1/4 inch.
ken lost his eye mask. both a shock and as some of you may know, a bit of a tragedy. i stay up until all hours, so he must have his mask. imagine what i thought when getting up out of bed at 3:30 AM and bearing witness to my gorgeous husband wearing a pair of my black panties dangling over his eyes in lieu of his eye mask.
and last but not least, i had the most wonderful call with ellyn last night. here we were two old friends talking in the middle of the night. what an absolutely frickin’ perfect way to end a hot & oh so humid week:

A tall glass of ice water & a friend from way back when —  who happens to be a pretty fabulous woman!

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