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ok. a few glitches in life today. but mostly:
1) ken’s eye mask lost it’s elasticity, so — swear to god (small g, i’m a buddhist) he wore a pair of my (VERY CLEAN, THANK YOU) panties over his eyes while sleeping. i know. gross and yet not so. weird. could go either way on this one.
2) bella & lotus have formally committed to each other. they are now sleeping on the same chair, paws around each other. fucking crazy in love. wow. love this.
3) worked on Marrying George Clooney “The Play” today and realized — ta-da — uh….not a playwright, thank god for Krista Lyons, my co-writer slash co-creator. She’s really really really smart, and soon to be getting married, so i’m holding off on pestering until i see her in mid october. i’ll just flounder until then.
4) book party has me slightly nuts. so happy to be seeing old new again friends, like ellyn, but realized i’m not much on “me” parties. huh what’s that about? selfless or just completely into the invisible mode as per robyn, my GFF says.
let’s see what else, oh yeah. my friend linda is in her very first girl-love relationship and said (jokingly) at dinner:
i’m not really gay, i just like doing gay stuff.
she’s so happy. i fucking love that.
she’s so beautiful & lovely.

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  1. Frances

    Oh yay, I can finally leave comments on your blog! Yippie!!!

    Amy, you have GOT to take a picture of your cats so in love! It sounds lovely!

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