ny yank…

okay, for the record i am not a sports type o’ gal. i am the kind of person who watches a game or two at the very, very end of a season, like say the playoffs, the super bowl (ok, well, that’s a bold lie, not really – i do not watch the super bowl, not even the halftime concert), and the world series.
so tonight while karen & i are chatting on the phone, i ask her where tommy is, tommy being her husband, she says oh he’s downstairs watching the yankee game. the yankee game i ask, i didn’t know they were playing tonight, oh yes she says, they’re playing tonight, they’re in the world series, oh i say i know that, i watched the game the other night, oh she says really, i didn’t know you like baseball, i don’t i say… but i sometimes like to watch the world series and i say i hope i’ll get a peek at kate hudson sitting there in the stands swooning over a-rod, and karen tells me that yes yes they’re playing tonight, so we both change the channel until we come upon what appears to be the yankee game, except this yankee game is on the classic yankee channel, which who the fuck knew there was even a channel like that, and i say to her, hmmm, that looks odd to me, are you sure they’re playing tonight and she says, with a massive giggle, of course, can’t you see they’re playing, and i say but if it were the world series don’t you think they’d be on channel 2 or 4 or 7, and she says no…tommy is watching the yankee game downstairs, he’s watching the yankee game, and then i see with my own two eyes that the yankees are playing — get this — the new york mets, they’re playing the mets and i say whoa karen this is not the world series and she laughs and laughs… and laughs and oh how wonderful her laugh is…
and clearly it’s a game from june, because a date appears on the tv screen, and it’s a classic yankee game, and hence the classic yankee channel.
live and learn.
and we both forget for one second that the local library tax referendum went down in flames tonight.
yankee classics channel vs. the classics.
no wonder.

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  1. karen

    Well, I found out that Tom is watching yesterday’s game, because he DVR it. So glad you got a very funny story out this. Love you….

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