a is for ambien…

b is for benadryl, c is for cialis, d is for demarol, e is for effexor, f is for flonase, g is for gas-x, h is for habitrol, i is for ibuprofen, j is for java, k is for klonopin, l is for lorazepam, m is for morphine, n is for nicoderm, o is for omega-3, p is for percodan, q is for quaalude, r is for retin-a, s is for stool softener, t is for testosterone, u is for ultracet, v is for valium, w is for wellbutrin, x is for xanax, y is for yodoxin, z is for zoloft

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  1. Debbie

    LOCA! I actually had another Ambien night. Tried and tried to sleep to no avail. Finally, 2:00 am came and I had no choice. Took the damn Ambien and slept until 10:30 this morning!


  2. Joey

    This post alone could make a deliciously funny illustrated mock-children’s book. Brilliant!

  3. gail m forrest

    Hey there Ms. Didn’t Marry George Clooney; I know you covered “C” for Cialis but the drug deserves mention again under “V” for Viagra!!!
    I haven’t had a Valium in years but unfortunately far too much Viagra has filled my life. Oh sure some may think it’s a blessing but I’d like to know how many women over 50 are really filled with joy as a result of this pharmaceutical trick. Teaching an old dog to sit up; nasty!

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