i have a question, query… when did we start ‘talking’ to each other online. when did we start taking our shit and airing it online. i was thinking today that my brother – for the past year and a half – never picked up the phone to tell me what he was feeling. he screamed and hollered at me all in CAPS, online. like e-mail was the place to air your dirty laundry, grievances, share your shit… but truthfully, it doesn’t take a whole lot of courage to scream and kick online. it takes a whole boatload of courage to pick up the phone and say “hey i have an issue with you, or hey you hurt me.” but to write a whole e-mail and hit send doesn’t feel all that courageous.
i have friends of friends who are sending me e-mails, sharing the same thing, so in other words, as my husband asks all the time, when did FUCK YOU SISTA become F.U.sista.com — when? when did we all become e-mail pals?
good question.
i much preferred the phone and talking the stuff through.
but that’s just me.
maybe when you get older — post menopausal — you long for a community where it really is reach out and touch someone. not so much reach out and spam someone.

i like looking someone in the “eye.” not in the “i.”

when? when did this all change?

and not so much for the better….

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big girl panties!!!!

write, scream. laugh, holler… speak your peace, share your thoughts!!!!

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  1. mommadotoo

    but…um…am i missing something here?

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