it’s not complicated

ken is watching a thousand hours of football.
he loves football.
i mean really, he’s not all that different from most guys i know, with the exception of michael, who doesn’t like football at all.
but let me tell you what annoys the shit out of me: when ken spends a thousand hours sitting in front of our “only tv,” and doesn’t let go of the clicker, not even to pee, and i say please, can i just catch a few minutes of 60 minutes, and he shakes his head, and says, NO! so, i occupy my time reading & writing, and googling MANY MANY (ok, that’s a bold lie … some … some … many would constitute popularity) OLD BOYFRIENDS, and then after what, a thousand hours, he turns off the tv and says, “that was a fucking waste.”
oh really?
GIMME THE CLICKER BUDDY. I wanna watch 60 fucking minutes.

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