george. gary.

i had a dream last night that george clooney called me and told me how much he loved my book, and he went on and on and on about how funny and charming and poignant and WELL WRITTEN it was. how he read sections out loud on the beach in lake como, and translated it into italian and i was ecstatic. EC. STATIC. and then… then… just when i was feeling the love and feeling so — oh i don’t know what the word is — thrilled, delighted… gary coleman shows up in a wheelchair. gary friggin’ coleman, and i say to him, hey aren’t you in prison for sexual assault? and he laughs like this strange weird creepy laugh, and i notice he doesn’t have a full set of teeth, and then then… george my george throws a butterfly net over gary, and says “hey kid, grow some wings…” and the next thing I know gary turns into a butterfly and george tosses the net into the ocean and he smiles at me, that clooney kinda smile, and i wake up and i think:
holy shit. and i’m everyone in my dream? wtf? what does that mean? so i’m clooney and coleman and a butterfly and an ocean and my book, and lake como…
what does it all mean.
hmmm. i guess when you have an angel watching over you, protecting you, catching you — you too can fly.
but then i think, hmmm. maybe clooney was in an episode of different strokes.
you know, bottom line:
nothing is impossible.

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  1. Debbie

    Amy, this is too weird. I am working on a post right now about a dream I had about Borat! YES! Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat! WTF!
    BTW – this was HILARIOUS!!!

  2. Jane

    I love this. I found it by clicking on a link on the side of the LOLCATS website. I think I have found a new home!

  3. Amy Ferris

    and you would LOVE LOVE the book!!!!!
    great to meet you.

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