marrying jeff bridges & monica holloway

Okay, just to keep it all straight: I love George Clooney. Big G big C. I love his humor and generosity and philanthropic heart. I love that he has such a sense of right & wrong & truly deeply gets on the bandwagon and tries his very best to fix it, whatever ‘it’ is. You gotta love a guy that grabs the boot by the straps, the bull by the horn and takes control. let’s all swoon in the same time swooning motion. I wrote a book with his name plastered on my title page. I am proud of that. He is mine.
But … just recently, a real fucking contender: Jeff Bridges. I was always a Jeff fan, from years & years ago, from Starman to the Fabulous Baker boys, especially the Baker boys. I would have given anything to be the piano in that movie. He was sexy and raw and righteous and young and knew what he didn’t want. and I loved that he smoldered in a way that was genuine. Some folks smolder so badly you just wanna say, please, smolder somewhere else. But not Jeff. he can smolder anywhere.
But he won me over in Crazy Heart, and his performance was perfection. It was. It wasn’t perfection with a but added. It was pure and gorgeous, and spot on and exposing, and broke my heart. But, truthfully, quite frankly in the ‘man’ category — the guy category — a toss up, and…. Clooneyseems more consistent, more politically atuned to my deep emotional socialist fantasies… and so … I will keep him and I will be loyal.
Which brings me to a couple of must MUST reads:
I fell in love with Monica through her words, and achingly and heartbreaking stories. I’m not a big “rah rah” girl. But in this case, I would actually put on a cheerleader outfit (and yes, wear spanx, god forbid anyone see me bulging) and I would rah rah rah my way to insure that everyone – EVERYONE  – pick up her books and and get lost in a world that is worthy of disapearring for a few hours, a few days, even a month ifneed be.
Writing is an art. It is. It can move you, tranform you, enlighten you, awaken you. It can lift you and fill in all blanks in own world. and if you’re real lucky, you will experience all of that plus the desire, the deep desire to know the writer better.
Between Jeff Bridges & Monica Holloway, I feel like i’ve eaten the best meal in the whole wide world.

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