almost valentine’s day

okay, so, i got the snow i prayed, begged, hoped for. i got it, it came — 12, 13 inches worth. for a few hours, a white out. it came. it stayed. now for the fun part … ken putting on his pillsbury doughboy outfit and snow-blowing us out of here. i mean, we do have a snowplow guy who had to come twice to plow the driveway, but still… ken has to do this, it’s part of the ritual.

which brings me to valentines day – a lovely, sexy ritual. ken asked me a while ago if there was anything i wanted. a trinket. flowers, a night away, new pajamas… he said, and i’m quoting, anything you want … so, of course, i gave it some thought.

this is what i want, i want an entire day where everyone – every single person – forgives one person for having wronged them, hurt them, made them feel small, made them feel insignificant and invisible; and i want one person who hurt another person, who broke someone’s heart, who slammed a door, or walked away to say i’m sorry.
for one full day.
it’s really quite simple, you can even cut and paste this:
i’m really so very sorry i hurt you, and/or… i just want you to know i forgive you.
and then i want you to look in the mirror and do the very same thing. say to yourself: i forgive you, and i am sorry.

you gotta heart your own life.

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