happy birthday bea

today’s my mom’s birthday. i’m not convinced one iota she’s in heaven (mostly because i believe that heaven & hell are right here on earth, in a person’s heart & soul… but that’s another blog, another day – today is her day).
i think she’s in bloomingdales, in the shoe department.

years ago, i remember we were sitting around the kitchen table, my mom & my dad & a few other folks, and she said to my dad, sam, when you die i’m gonna sprinkle your ashes in front of bloomingdales, that way you know i’ll visit you everyday.

i don’t know where my mom is. i just know there are days i miss her awful, and there are days i miss her being awful and then there are days like today, when i’m awfully glad she was born and gave birth to my brother and i.

today i’m gonna put on a pair of heels, and celebrate her life.

happy birthday mom. wish you were here.

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  1. catherine ann shepherd

    catherine ann shepherd brithday may 22nd 1961/2010 coming up this year 2010

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