V-Day Every-Day

okay, so happy valentines day.
i’m toasting a few folks today and giving a sentence or two why:

my ken. my sweet funny gorgeous delicious delightful patient husband, for giving me kisses and coffee every single morning.

my amy friedman, for being the swellest most amazing woman and writer (her book the murderer’s house is BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!) and champion of all and everything women-centric and for going the extra mile every single day and for having a heart the size of the universe.

kisses & hugs to my peter werner for being such a good guy, great friend, great father, great husband, great all around buddha-full man, and for every bit of unconditional love.

a tight squeeze for my amy litzenberger, for being the best kisser. and for all. and everything. for listening when i need to talk.

a big hello & thank you to meredith resnick for posting such an amazing interview– yay oh yay — and for making me blush….check it out

petting bella & lotus for giving me/us so many smiles every single day.

my krista for being such an amazingly generous brilliant gorgeous joyous woman & partner (to brooke) & collaborator (to me).

and debra s. kent for asking me questions that made me seek and dig a bit more than usual and for being such a huge huge treat on a cold friday morning. you made the day sweet.

i heart you all.

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