hello kitty!

I gotta be honest.
i don’t wanna be called a cougar.
i didn’t want to be referred to as a coyote.
and no, i’m not fond of cheetah.
and i gotta be really straight – the other c word, starts with c ends with t, is somewhat offensive to me. particularly when one woman out of anger and bitterness calls another women a cunt. it sounds vulgar and mean and it isn’t a word i particularly like, and i know some women aren’t at all offended.
i know… i know.. it’s the cougar, coyote, cheetah thing.
by definition, or at least from what i understand, a cougar is a women who is older, wiser, more graceful, more charming, more worldly, more sophisticated… who is with a younger man.
perhaps the issue isn’t the age difference here … perhaps the reason younger men are attracted to older women is because younger women tend to set their role model standard pretty frickin’ low. lindsay lohan, amy winehouse… pregnant @ 16? i think you get the picture.

which brings me to pussy.
what’s wrong with being called that?
soft, proud, can be any color, short hair, long hair, sets boundaries, very independent, cleans itself, can sleep in a ball, can stretch and climb, has just enough edge – can be nasty but rarely vicious, gives a lot of loving, expects to be fed, can be left alone for a few days and has no “master” issues, and often does not discriminate, can be extremely tolerant and playful, and doesn’t give a shit how old you are, but does care deeply about hygiene.

you gotta love pussy.

please, call me pussy.

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3 Responses to “hello kitty!”

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    What a refreshingly pleasant take on such vulgarity. I love it!

  2. Janet

    I love pussy….I am a pussy…hear me roar!!! Love it Amy!

  3. Divamom-Act II

    Never thought of it that way before. I feel a bit liberated and naughty now.
    Loved this.

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