teed off

i’ve just about had it to here. first of all i have to say that in general, on the whole, we love ripping people to shreds. one of my all time favorite quotes hollywood is a town that wishes you well when you’re terminally ill pretty much sums it up for me. i think that could be said about a lot of ‘towns’ — it’s seems as favorite a pastime; the judging, the pointing the proverbial finger, the wishing well, but not TOO well, as watching the olympics and knitting. i for one have made many, many mistakes starting from when i was real young to oh, i don’t know, about an hour ago. i make mistakes even while i’m sleeping. and trust me, no one – not one single solitary human being has to remind me over and over and over about some of these god awful mistakes.

i got news for you, human beings live with their shit day in and day out. some cover it better, hide it better, adding a little more bling and jazzy clothes and they think no one can see their sadness and pain, or their past life. i’m telling you, you can get a thousand botox treatments to remove the bag and sags from your drooping eyes, you can pull and tuck as much as you want — but it’s the eye itself that tells the story, not the skin around it.

folks, especially celebrities and politicians and the madoff’s in the world, feel awfully entitled. they think they’re superior and better, and they think they can get away with all kinds of stuff, and … they can’t. it catches up. it has to. eventually.

tiger fucked a lot of women. clinton got a blow job (or two or three, or four or five). spitzer spent a ton of dough & time with call girls playing pin the tail on the donkey, sanford tangoed his way through argentina with his mistress, and lied, and rudolph guiliani was schtupping his now wife judy, while his then wife, donna, was sleeping.

none of this shocks me or surprises me. not one bit. we are afterall imperfect human beings who spend most of our lives trying desperately to redeem ourselves. from the small & trite to the large & painful.

and another human issue — we don’t know how to forgive — ourselves or others – but we certainly know how to beat a dead horse. and … we desperately want and need heroes. role models. but maybe — maybe — the problem is we’re trying to find men and women who have absolutely no imperfections or blemishes, or past indiscretions, or any such reminder that human beings are tremendously flawed. i for one believe it’s what makes us extraordinary — the winning over and overcoming of some bad and/or awful choices made.

which brings me right smack to brit humes.

he believes that tiger woods can only be redeemed if he finds god, and becomes a good christian.

HOTFLASH! I have news for you brit, tiger — like all these men (and also some women out there) – thought/think they were/are God, and there in lies the problem.

how about believing that any religion whether it be christianity or judiasm, or muslim or buddhist, can be realized – living proof – by the people who practice and live the tenets.

redemption isn’t one size fits all.

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  1. Divamom-Act II

    Wow! I was pissed off and didn’t know it. Icouldn’t have said that better (I know I couldn’t have) and now that you’ve (i’ve) vented, I feel better. Thanks.

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