today is one of those days when i just wanna do nothing.
ken didn’t sleep last night. he tossed and turned. tossed and turned.
he always wanted to know what it was like BEING A MENOPAUSAL WOMAN in the middle of the night.
now he knows.

so, it’s one of those days when i feel restless, bored, tired, cranky, and a general all over irritation.

but one thing is on my mind. a burning question.
what if …
what if the GPS lady married Mr. Moviefone? is that not a wedding you would want to crash?
and while we’re there, just for the hell of it, let’s go one step further, let’s go to their honeymoon night, yep, yep… their automated sex life.
Can you hear her?
i can hear her.

i give the marriage six months.

i told you i was bored.

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  1. Marcia Fine

    Love your sense of humor! We’re in the same “kvetch:” vein. Except I blog as my character, Jean Rubin–who’s Stressed in Scottsdale. What genre are we/ Not exactly chick lit. Can we rec. each other. ready for a blog swap?

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