playing the buddha card

it seems to me there’s this never ending chatter about tiger woods losing and now regaining his buddhist faith — and now that he’s re-introduced himself to buddhism and shakyamuni and all the buddhist gods of the sun and the moon, that hopefully, maybe he won’t have such a passionate uncontrollable sexual desire. that it will melt away like dew in the morning sun.

well, i say buddshit.

i am a buddhist for almost 38 years. and as most who follow or study buddhism know there are many, as in thousands, of buddhist doctrines and teachings and rituals and studies. i’m not particularly sure which buddhist doctrine tiger follows. it could be mama-sutra for all i know, but one thing … having faith, losing faith and regaining your faith is not a journey or destination or a stop on the train, it’s a daily inner battle with your own demons, your own habits, the very causes you make that make you and others both happy and suffer. and tiger wanted more — he had an insatiable, overwhelming sexual drive and appetite and desire, and add that with the combo of money and fame  –  that’s a difficult ride to get off of. and as he said, he felt entitled. entitlement, by the way, has nothing to do with faith. it has to do with superiority. and god knows, or buddha knows, that tiger has been the center of attention since he’s 6 years old. but something that i think of often because i do practice buddhism every single day – at least for me, for what it is that i have come to realize within my daily life  — it isn’t about being perfect, it isn’t about sinning, it isn’t about giving up your dreams or desires, or attachments to externals – it’s about awakening. awakening to my faults, my weakness, my strength’s, my own beauty and abundance. It’s about awakening to life fully.
and more than all of that, it’s about awakening to the truth that has always been in your life, that you are in fact the buddha, you are in fact the very person you pray to every morning and evening. we make causes, we get effects, we fuck up, we learn lessons, we apologize, we are forgiven, we make more mistakes, we apologize again, we learn finally, we grow, we awaken. it’s called life. and we are in complete and utter control of our daily actions and causes and effects. sometimes we’ve got it under control and sometimes not. It takes effort and patience, and trying one more time, and not giving up. it’s fucking hard.
tiger is a brilliant golfer. on the golf course, he’s focused and precise and perfect most of the time.
in daily life. he’s less so.
i think the truth is when someone like tiger gets caught, or any famous person gets caught it stirs something in us that we hate stirred. it brings it all straight home, clobbers it home, even more so. I know someone who is having an affair. Every time Tiger’s name comes up, or when he did his mea culpa on TV, this guy  – this guy who is having an affair – acted with such contempt, with complete and utter disgust, and it dawned on me … sure, if he acted sympathetic, that would be the give-a-way… his wife would suspect that he was having an affair, so he has to attack tiger in order to keep his own indiscretion from blowing up in his face.
and maybe that’s the whole shabang right there.
The senators who vote against gay rights are the first to be caught in the mens room playing footsie, and the women whose husbands are cheating on them hated hillary, despised her, demonized her … and the husbands that have girlfriends waiting for them in cheap motel rooms, have to demonize Tiger.
And all the religious fanatics who think unless you repent and get on your knees and tithe to “their God, their faith,” your prayers are ineffectual, useless.
we are constantly tested — all the time, our fortitude, our commitments, our vows, our love, our devotion, our determination, our honesty, or courage, our strength, compassion and wisdom. Faith is the result and reward of winning over yourself.
And the thing about golf, it’s all about keeping your eye on the ball.

For those of you who live in glass houses, i say … keep an eye on your own balls.

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  1. Divamom-Act II

    On point. Love this.

  2. Jane


  3. Krista

    Exactly. You are very smart.

  4. Margaret

    And people with glass balls should never get stoned. Or something like that.

    Well said, dearie.

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