“Utah lawmakers have just passed a bill that would charge a woman with criminal homicide for obtaining an illegal abortion or inducing a miscarriage, whether intentionally or through “reckless” behavior. There are a few narrowly defined exceptions, including failure to comply with medical advice, refusal to submit to a physician’s recommended treatment, and negligence (which in legal terms is apparently a less serious crime than recklessness). Otherwise, the law holds women accountable for criminal homicide if they intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly “cause the death of another human being, including an unborn child at any stage of its development,” outside the parameters of legal abortion.”

“Criminal homicide.”

oh my god.

i don’t know about you but i am horrified. i am more than horrified. i am thoroughly outraged & disgusted.

girls & women, women & girls–  from time in memoriam — have been violated, abused, beaten, mistreated, discarded, dismissed, ignored, raped, bruised and impregnated daily –DAILY — all around the globe by boys and men who have no value — none what so ever – for their own lives, let alone someone else’s.

i would bet the house that these acts of violence against women & girls were not the choices these women or girls would have made GIVEN THE CHOICE. i would wager, given the choice – along with the deep, and profound desire  & need to be heard – they would have stopped the violence, the rape, the abuse, the beatings, the pregnancies with one word: NO. NO, you can not rape me, NO, you can not beat me, NO you can not batter me, NO you can not fuck me over and over and over again, NO you can not mistreat me, you can not hurt me, you can not abuse me. not one day longer. NO YOU CAN’T.

given the choice, along with the voice to be heard, women & girls would say loudly and clearly and with every fiber in their being: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. NO MORE. NO. MORE.

why oh why do some people feel and think that it is their choice, their right to choose the fate and destiny of someone else, instead of the woman or girl who has a tight male hand gripped and wrapped around HER throat?

why oh why do some people feel that it is their choice, their right to choose the fate and destiny of someone else, instead of the woman or girl who has the man or boy on top of her, covering her mouth with one hand, while raping her over and over and over again?

the idea, the thought, the notion that a woman or girl who chooses to terminate her pregnancy (illegally no less) could be charged with, and punished for a criminal homicide seems outright barbaric.

while I am certainly not a right to lifer (in it’s now popular definition), i am most certainly a woman who is wholeheartedly pro-life, I would never say i was anti-life. and in terms of pro-choice i am a diehard pro-choicer, and i don’t understand why that is a term that somehow contradicts loving and valuing and appreciating and honoring life.

abortion. now that’s a hard choice.  a difficult choice, and on most occasions a truly tragic choice. these are not choices that seem parallel with taking an aspirin for a headache, or gargling with salt water for a sore throat. having an abortion for many, many, many girls and women is a hard, excruciating, horrific choice. and it often — usually — begins with fear and escalates: the fear of not being loved, or liked, someone will find out, the guy doesn’t want the baby, the parents will kill her, or make her have the baby … then it requires much thought, much discussion, (or not depending on the circumstances). feeling invisible and ostracized, and depending on the time of day, all can seem overwhelming and frightening.

I have had a few abortions. I felt all alone and frightened. back then, i had no self-esteem, so i didn’t use protection and i didn’t ask the boys (i say boys because we were all so young) to use protection. it wasn’t a conversation that was easily had, so, i saddled up my lack of confidence right next to the guy whose sexual excitement was peaking. I didn’t have the self-esteem to say NO. i didn’t realize how powerful the word NO was back then.

i wanted to be liked, loved. i gave it away.

Yes. Yes, I said yes, take it it’s yours. Take it, here. take it.

you say yes when you want to be paid attention, liked and seen. YOU CAN NOT SAY NO.

you say yes, sure. you don’t see or think about consequences.

you don’t think.

you say yes.
a baby is made.
a choice is made.
a tragic horrific choice.

i find it despicable that folks sit around talking about abortion as if the decision is as easy as popping an aspirin for a headache. IT IS NOT. and for those who think tossing a woman in prison for (illegally) terminating her pregnancy is going to fix a problem, or alleviate the problem, or is a fair means of punishment — think again.

criminal homicide?

please, think again. and again. and again. and again.




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  1. Frances

    America is such a fucking failure – that we don’t educate and empower women in the first place, and then when shit hits the fan, again, we look away from our own mistakes and our own culpability and say “You should have known better!” We don’t give women options before sex comes into the picture, and when pregnancy happens we treat it like a crime, like a punishment that was deserved.

    I am sorry people weren’t there for you, Amy, when you needed it (and deserved it).

  2. Charlotte

    Oh, Amy, I like you and so many other women I am sure, am so hurt, angered, and upset about this! I want to scream, I want to cry. I am horrified! I am being attacked – mentally – emotionally – morally! Its like they are taking my humanity away from me. My right to have control over my own life which is own body, which is my life, my conscience, my faith, my religious, scientific, medical beliefs mean NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING! to those who destroy another’s freedom in the name of God! But now I am a political prisoner of Right-Winged Christian Religious Dogma infiltrating into the law of the land; Infiltrating into my body, I am being fucked in the deepest most personal way, at the core of my freedom of choice to be who I am as a SOUL. A knife whose blade is engraved “self-righteousness” has no shame in severing my relationship with my body or with my God. I have no words to describe, I have no words to describe the horror, the threat of what lies ahead for the young women of this world. I lived in the time of the moral and social ostracism for pregnant unmarried women. Women who had no medical resources, women who were taken out of town away from their friends and family and sheltered away from the outside world, then separated from their babies, never to bee seen or spoken of again. I heard the stories of the coat-hanger abortions, the women who bled to death alone, in shame. Now, if abortion becomes illegal again, women will re-live that horrible time except that they will drag us to court to suffer even greater shame and ostrazation? Call it “criminal homicide” and what? Sentence us to life in prison or death in the gas chamber, by lethal injection or public stoning? Will women be subject again to Medieval ignorance and superstitions?

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