a girl can dream

marrying jeff bridges.
having an affair with johnny depp.
thinking of angelina jolie.
writing for meryl streep.
singing with bruce springsteen.
coffee with angelica houston.
smoking with sean penn.
schmoozing with bette midler.
laughing with john stewart.
writing with amy friedman.
biking with lance armstrong.
working with lee daniels.
dinner with michelle obama
chatting with oprah winfrey
meditating with pema chodron
meeting with the dalai lama
chanting with peter werner
dancing with mick jagger
traveling with frances naftal
getting mani/pedi’s with amy litzenberger
painting with joann greenbaum & joyce weinstein
knitting with terri johnson
performing with CAP 21 theater group
jumping with bella & lotus
living with ken ferris

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  1. Jane

    hey! wtf? where am I on this list?!

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