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this is a short blog.
short. brief.
no pun intended.
i was in target yesterday buying ken underwear, briefs to be exact. cotton briefs. in snazzy colors, muted, but snazzy.
my phone rings. i answer.
i love the voice on the other end. sexy, vibrant, full of life & joy.
we have never met. she and i have never spoken before.
she doesn’t even announce her name. i just know who it is.
we both have goosebumps.
her name is kristine.
she & molly wrote a book a few years ago, i’m sure you’ve heard of it: letters to our daughters. perfection. gorgeous.
we met through vibrant nation. she read MGC, loved MGC and sent me a message… and well, the rest is history.
anyway, long blog short…
she called.
we made a phone date.
wine & chat.
you know, there is nothing like walking through target, pushing a cart, buying my ken – my favorite guy – underwear and feeling the absolute miracle of life.
nothing like it.
thank you kristine.


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    WOW! Kind of like when you left me a comment on my blog! Told me how wonderful you think I write! Then I met you at your book signing in L.A. … and now we’re blogging/email friends! LOVE YOU!

    P.S. Got an email from your friend Barbara and she’s sending me a copy of her book! Wow!



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    long lost sister kristine

    Good to know they were muted and snazzy. I must admit I was curious!
    I’ll bet you were one of those girls in school that made everyone laugh and feel like they were A-Okay with you.

    I know we’ll meet and I know it will feel like we have been together since kindergarten. While my mother my never admit it, I’ll bet you and I share a seed or two.

    Can I tell you how much I love that you say f-ck! (this is for all of the fans you have who are still using acne cream).

    I adore you and feel more than grateful.

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    Lisa RV

    Just finished MGC days after receiving it from Kristine and Molly at the MTM retreat. THANK YOU SO MUCH (yes, I am shouting, but that is shouting with joy, not obnoxious intent). With your permission, I’d like to share some of your essays with my students. I teach Personal Health at the community college here. I wouldn’t need to copy/reprint, just read aloud to them for discussion.

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