less is not more…

… as far as hotel rooms go.
less… smaller… nope. not more. at all.
ken & i stayed in nyc last night. i was a “special guest” at the WCF gala dinner. what an amazing organization, which by the way, everyone and i mean everyone should go online, google wcfonline and do something, anything to support women who are running as candidates.
we need women’s voices. period. end of story.
my very short … but VERY IMPORTANT … political plug.
so, back to my small — as in squeamish, hellish — hotel room. this is a true story.
as in TRUE. REAL.
i will not mention the hotel by name. but suffice it to say that the room was as big as my closet which by the way is not a walk in. it is not huge and grand and spacious. it is a walk in… in so far as, i walk in and i take my clothes out.
this was an upgrade from standard.
standard as in, my guess, a frickin’ closet without shelves.
i can’t believe people charge 200 bucks for this.
i can’t believe we paid 200 bucks for this.
i can’t believe we had sex this morning in this room. but we did. and it was ….
and now ken & i are expecting twins — as in beds — in nine months.

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  1. Debbie

    LOCA! Will check out WFC.


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