it’s precious

having just finished watching PRECIOUS, which truly deeply took my breath away, i of course play this game sometime late at night… the what if scenario:
what if: two films were really one film.


i know, i know, silly, childish  (such fun) … but still, when you’re up at 6 am, and your husband is sleeping soundly next to you, childish is more than okay with me.
so here goes:

“It’s Precious”

The story of one middle aged overweight, under-loved, undervalued, teetering on the verge of midlife insanity – smack dab in a massive crisis – not to mention living in a tiny crammed apartment, in dire need of a new/renovated kitchen.  looking desperately for a contractor to remodel her small kitchen, juggling a few complicated balls in the air, going back to school to get her GED, a family that gives new meaning to truly being fucked up and horrific; she’s straddled with two babies, an over-bearing completely self absorbed evil mother. Working double shifts, going back to school, all so she can get a job working @ Target for Issac Mizrahi.
Throw in a couple of lesbians, sexual awakening, bad men, kids that need pre-school and diapers, a great social worker and the added eye candy of a (sexually unavailable) contractor who looks exactly like Lenny Kravitz and sings like Lenny Kravitz…
throw that all together ….
and you’ve got one major, complicated, humungous midlife crisis.
starring M’onique & Meryl Streep, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Jack Nicholson as Issac Mizrahi

and Daniel Day Lewis as… Precious.

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