putting the MEN in menopause!

does anyone share this experience with me?
please, raise your hands, or better yet… comment, write in!!!!!
ken is retired. i’m sure those of you who read my blog know that by now.
he retired on january 1st.
and i just feel compelled to share this with those of you who read me daily.
i am on the phone, chatting, laughing… sharing… with my friend kristine who lives across the country, we’re chit chatting, this that the other. a good twenty minutes of girl talk. she asks me something about ken, and so, i tell her, and we talk about life at home now, with a husband retired.
let me give you an insight at what that looks like:
150/48 — that’s what, on some weeks, honest to goodness… it feels like.
there is no more, “hey baby how was your day?” because on some days i am his day.
i know i exaggerate. i’m just a good part of his day. a good good good part of his day. but for whatever reason today TODAY feels like that. it does. today feels just a bit too close.
anyway, i digress.
i hang up the phone and no sooner do i do that… ken asks:
hey baby who were you just talking to.
i say kristine.
he says, huh… and her husband did the photography on the bookjacket?
and i say …uh, yes.
and he says, i like cameraman, not camera-person.
and i say, huh… whatdya mean?
and he says … you now, it sounds better, i was a cameraman.

i have no privacy.

does anyone have a job for me?

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8 Responses to “putting the MEN in menopause!”

  1. Barbara Hannah Grufferman

    Amy, you are HYSTERICALLY funny. Of course you’re going to be a big big, great great part of Ken’s day, more so now than ever. My cousin in Germany (you remember her– the style muse!) was in the same situation, and little by little they figured out a very nice arrangement — time together, time apart, some same interests, some different interests. But, it did take time . . .

  2. kristine

    I am alone in my house…totally and completely ALONE! No dog, no husband, just me, a bottle of nice white wine and my well worn (getting kind of dirty) copy of MGC.
    I try to find my retired husband friends. I try to find him causes to engage in. I held the world’s largest garage sale in order to buy him the motorcycle of his dreams. It is not that I am trying to get rid of him…I adore him…I just think a daily “mini” trial separation has merit. He can’t find a thing without checking in with me first. He values my opinion on almost every decision he makes…the kind of bread to toast in the morning, do I want to say yes to friends asking us to commit to a date in Sept. 2010(are you fucking kidding me). I will most likely be dead by then, a good reason not to attend.
    Call me any time my dear friend. You are solace and comfort and air and light and hope and possiblity….besides gorgeous and brilliant.

  3. Holly

    Wow, you ladies are so funny, but it’s so true. You don’t realize how precious privacy is until you don’t have it any longer. What to do with that clingy husand? I have no clue. However, I guess we need to be grateful for that special person.

  4. Debbie

    My husband is on vacation this week. I HATE WHEN HE’S ON VACATION. All I do is WORK 24/7, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, and answer sixteen thousand questions a day …

    hon, where’s my wallet?
    hey, is that supposed to be a good movie?
    how do you spell Chihuahua?
    what time is it?
    where are my shoes?
    where is my headset?
    what’s for dinner?


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