my guy, i got my guy…

so here is the moment. the big moment.
i love george clooney. i do.
honest. cross my heart.
he’s such a guy kinda guy: philanthropic, sexy, funny, charming… sexually confused (come on, come on….who isn’t talking about this…) and then low and behold, a moment.
my husband wearing his faded black jeans, and a tattered tee shirt — his very short cropped grey hair, his three day beard and his gorgeous baby blue eyes – walking toward me with a glass of white wine.
my heart frickin’ stops. it does.
and i think:
wow… oh, wow.
holy mother of god.
he’s my fantasy.
he’s my clooney.
he’s my guy.

i swoon.

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2 Responses to “my guy, i got my guy…”

  1. Janet

    You are so lucky!

  2. Debbie

    Awwwwww …

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