putting the “ish” in amish

okay, I have to say, all this stuff swirling around about jesse james, sandra bullock’s husband, or from all this shit swirling around, her soon to be ex-husband… what i found most interesting, most enticing (and full disclosure: honestly, i find this very very sad, not what i’m about to say, but this whole break-up rumor possibility, i find that sad … anyway) … this woman, the other woman … the twittering mistress … was an amish med school student and a fetish stripper with an added tattoo fetish.
let’s say that one more time: amish. fetish.
i just wanna say for the record, i think sandra bullock rocks.
i think she is one great amazing funny charming woman. and i hope, i really frickin’ hope that her husband didn’t cheat.
i hope that this amish med school student with a stripper tattoo fetish is just trying to ruin everyone’s day.
and i think because of this scandal we should all band together and never ever buy one of those amish heating stoves that seems to be the rage in pennsylvania. actually, you know what, i’m gonna take that one step further. i think because sandra bullock makes me swoon, i will not – i repeat NOT – watch the movie witness ever again.
and jesse james, if you cheated on her … if you broke her heart … well then i would definitely watch my back if i were you.

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4 Responses to “putting the “ish” in amish”

  1. Jane

    Isn’t that the truth. I am in the ‘refusing to believe it’ camp.
    If it is true, this will be our generations version of Eddie Fisher leaving Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor. Scum.

  2. Janet

    Let’s turn that Amish fetish slut bitch into shoo fly pie! And while we’re at it, we can do the same to Jesse James too. Scum of the earth!

  3. Debbie

    I’m heartbroken for her. Absolutely. I think Mr. Jesse James has a thing for stripper/porn star whores. I’m so disappointed in him … he really seemed to love her. Sad.

  4. kristine

    It always felt to me that Sandra took her time trusting, committing to, and giving her heart away. Like many women, maybe she was gun shy, hurt before and reluctant to get hurt again. Yes she is a star, but she shows her soul, her kinship to women and that makes her so dear. I too think JJ, should, oh, choke on on Amish chicken bone.
    Sandra, meet us for wine and let’s bitch.

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