tweeting your way back home

My husband and i are in the midst of a healthy sexy fuck you fuck you debate.

ken said that women needed to stop pursuing, throwing themselves at married men. he finds it desperate  and sad and truth be told, disrespectful. truly sad. i agree. how can i not? and the tiger’s, the jesse’s, the rock n’ rollers. the tempted. the tempting. the temptress. it’s not always the bad boy, the whiner, the complainer… very often it’s the girl who saddles up next to the man at the bar offering all kinds of goodies, scotch and blow jobs. she knows he has a wife and kids, she knows because she’s read about it, or heard about it… and still she saddles up. and yeah, it’s hard to say no to. it is hard to say no. we have to start teaching these women & girls that many men – not all men, but many  – are incapable of saying no – “maybe” is an easier word, less committed… but still, woman have to stop throwing themselves at men who have families, women, partners, wives, babies and responsibility. and don’t even get me started on what i think about all these men who cheat and tweet and then…. then… find god or at the very least, a facebook anonymous group to join. however, if you think these men are gonna leave their home, their comfort zone for you …  think again. i don’t care how sexy and delicious you look, i don’t care what’s promised, at the end of the day all the secret tweeting, and THINKIN’ OF U little text’s will not lead to a 4 carat ring. not even close.

self-esteem  — it all starts with self esteem. like yourselves more. respect your self more. and a small piece of advice: if you’re willing to take ONLY CRUMBS, why not open a bakery, instead of breaking open so many hearts.

bottom line: women need to honor and respect other women more.

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  1. Jane

    We have all read/heard about ‘black on black crime’ – I call this ‘woman on woman crime’ – Women need to stop doing this to each other. NOT excusing the men for their weak, douche bag behavior but women need to stop doing this to other women. Period.

  2. Amy Ferris

    thank you jane! i couldn’t agree more. thank you!!!!!

  3. Debbie

    AMEN SISTA! I am so tired and disgusted with any and all women who think nothing of destroying the life of another woman.

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