she is me i am her

in my dream she had dementia.
she wasn’t young & gorgeous & vibrant as some of her photos remind me. in my dream last night we were going to a friends birthday party. she had asked me if she could come with me to the party, and i said yes of course.  i dressed her in a mint green outfit that she had once loved to wear. delighted, she asked if we could walk to the party, not take a cab or drive. so, we walked. and walked and  walked, and held hands, said just a few words. she was so excited to be out and about. she was in awe of all the apartment buildings and she giggled alot. and then when we got to the party, she turned to me and asked:
how do i look?
and i gently moved the hair out of her eyes, and I said, “you look just so beautiful mom. beautiful.”
and she said to me:
“you must be looking in a mirror.”

we made our way into the restaurant, and there were all my girlfriends, and i introduced them all by saying, “this is my mom.”

and i was so proud of her.

i could feel her today. there aren’t many days i feel her. today i feel her.

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  1. Divamom-Act II

    Beautiful. Thanks for that post.

  2. co

    I’ve had dreams of Florence – last one I was so surprised to see her – she was so vibrant but I knew she was sick and we were both surprised and delighted she had been able to get there on her own.

    great posts!

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