right now this minute

my husband is on the phone with someone in mumbai and my ken, my wonderful ken, is speaking like yes, an automated savant. repeating everything four, five times, each time with a different slang … a different tone, a different emphasis on a different word, and now.. right now this moment he is speaking with an accent… although he was just informed … right now… that he is no longer talking to someone named john (hence, ken’s ‘accent’) but he is now on the phone with john’s supervisor, tiffany, who is in apparently in nevada.
this is all over the fact that someone stole our credit card information, and bought 15 – count ’em, 15 – power juicers. 15 frickin’ power juicers and no one in mumbai or nevada seems to think this is strange, an oddity, a huge purchase.

oh, wait… a blow by blow…the person in nevada just helped ken. she was confusing the power juicers with the george foreman grills.

of course, who wouldn’t buy 15 george foreman grills?

he is getting off the phone.

i have to say, this has been a good retirement day for ken.

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  1. Frances

    I would LOVE to have one power juicer. But even I think that 15 seems insane.

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