for richard on the west side of america

it’s so wonderful when you meet a new friend.
richard & i met through our wonderful amy, amy on the west side of america.
richard read my book, and wrote me.
he told me how much he loved the book, and well, i gotta be honest, it’s much easier staying in touch when someone says they like what you do.

and of course, he — he — is a brilliant writer,  (the musical CAPEMAN was based on HIS book.) he is a brilliant writer, and so began a mutual love bubble… OH MY GOD you wrote that, holy shit,  is what i remember saying.
but… and here’s the kicker … we became good friends, real friends, because we shared so much, and wrote to each other and offered ‘shoulders’ on some bad days, and laughed on those good days, and kept/keep each other afloat on those shitty days, the “i don’t really wanna get out of bed” days.
a kind word, a special note, a LOL, a poem, a collage, a word here… and there.
he shows up in my inbox, bringing me words that smell like roses, and gardenia’s — bouquets of words.
friendship. it’s often so complicated, so competitive, so filled with should i say that? shouldn’t i say that? but some friends who come into your life completely unexpected – some like melody & amy & kristine & dennis & richard.
today i dedicate to richard.
i will be bold, and audacious, and be thankful SO THANK FULL for friends who let me be myself, and i in return, will learn to give more, love them more.
i love you, richard on the west side of america.
you fill my in-box with joy and brilliant words, and beauty.

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