do not go to the end of the line….

all day.
do not raise your voice.
do not say a hateful thing.
do not point a finger.
do not yell.
do not hurt another person or animal or thing…
do not make someone cry unless they are tears of joy.
do not make someone beg.
do not feel entitled.
do not be greedy.
do not love less.
do not NOT return phones. call back. now.
do not make someone guess.
do not dump your shit on someone else’s lap and NOT SAY THANK YOU.
do not take anyone or anything for granted.
do not spend the day wishing. do it. what ever IT is.
do not give up hope.
do not stay in bed.
do not say good bye without saying thank you, i love you, see you later…. something. say something more.
do not be cruel.
do not say something unkind about someone who has been kind.
do not do that.
do not take something away from someone else. REJOICE FOR THEM.
do not be jealous.
do not wish you were someone else.
do not think for a moment you are not invaluable, you are not extraordinary, you are not amazing & beautiful. do not think for one moment that you are alone.

and listen, if for some reason you lose your place in line, or someone throws you off the line, or someone cuts in front of you… don’t DO NOT go to the end of the line…. START A NEW LINE.
do not go back to the end of the line.

start something new.

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  1. Hollye Dexter

    This is so beautiful.
    It should replace all yucky chain mails.

    Funny – I blogged about the power of words today, and how we should be careful with the words we use.

    It must have been in our horoscope. ha ha ha.

    We talked about your book this morning at a playdate. My friend is now reading it and loves it. Isn’t it funny to know that two women in California were talking about you this morning, in the midst of an indoor playground with fifty screaming kids?

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