if i only knew monday what i know now….amy in retrograde, part 975

This is what came today – right there in my ‘inbox’ from astrology.com, which i absolutely depend on. if my daily astrological email tells me to stay in one position for a good part of the day, you bet i’m lying down, if it tells me to start a fight with some cruel business owner, you bet i’m gonna start a fight, and if my astrological email comes with a whopping CELEBRATE, TODAY IS THE DAY … well, yes, i am going to push & prod & make sure something amazing happens.

today this is what appeared in my inbox, and now it explains the past 48 hours… and i am, as you can well imagine, fucking relieved.

Dear Amy,

Pluto, the planet of transformation, takes a whopping 248 years to complete a single cycle of rotation around the Sun. On average, it spends 21 years in each sign and 5 months of each year in retrograde.

Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on April 6 at 7:34 pm PDT (2:34 am April 7 UT), signaling in a time of destruction and rebuilding along with rejuvenation and regeneration. It is a time for fresh starts and dead ends. The things that are most important to us and we hang on to the tightest, may suddenly be taken away from us. In addition, we may be forced to reevaluate the things we cherish most.

A Pluto retrograde period makes us focus on, eliminate and release the old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in our lives. We will be urged to let go of old attitudes, communication and thinking patterns that no longer serve our purpose. We may feel the need to re-evaluate our needs for security and asked to eliminate rigid emotions that no longer serve us. This is an excellent time to undergo an internal form of house cleaning, and look into ourselves to determine exactly what we do and do not need.

Pluto retrograde imparts an intense power for investigation, so we should use this time to assess what reoccurring patterns in our lives make us feel out of control, where and why do we continually give our power away, and under what circumstances do we react so defensively that we elicit attacks from others. Pluto retrograde marks a time wherein we should seek to gain greater control over our lives.

Another important astrological event happening on April 7 is retrograde Saturn, moving back into Virgo for a final time in its retrograde motion. Saturn is the planet of self-discipline and duty and Virgo rules work and health, so now is the time to get serious about everything practical. Evaluate work processes and streamline for efficiency. Saturn is firm about putting down limits so at times it will feel like all work and no play. Learning to be good to yourself is also part of Saturn’s lesson, so now is the time to learn not to overdo things. If you’re realistic now, then by mid July when Saturn moves on into fair minded Libra, you will be healthier, better organized and ready for Saturn’s direct influence.


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    Pluto is the shit

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