i wanna thank…

now that the sandra bullock jesse james “horr-affair” has somewhat calmed down, i decided to finally, finally watch the blindside.
let me preface this:
i really like sandra bullock.
i think she’s a really cool woman.
i’m not a huge huge fan of her movies. but i like her. she’s always seemed so kind and funny, and humble, but… but…
i do not think the blindside was an oscar worthy film.
I do not.
okay, fine, stone me, throw eggs at me.
go ahead.
wanna know what i think: it’s a good TV movie.
from the first moment to the last moment, i kept thinking, “no kids are this good, this accepting, this perfect, where’s the tension?” “no husband is this non judgmental, this sexy and sweet. where’s the tension?” “no woman would pick up a 500 pound kid and let him stay in her home, say to her sexy and patient beyond words husband, “oh god, what if he steals everything?” and then sleep soundly and realize the kid is so kind and good and would never steal from them because he folded the very sheets he slept on.
excuse me, i know kids who would WASH & FOLD sheets and come back and rob you blind. folded sheets does not mean you’re not calculating. okay, minor detail.
maybe it’s me. maybe i’m tainted. maybe i’m the kind of person who needs a bit of drama, uneasiness.. conflict as in real conflict, maybe i would never not in this lifetime show up at a really bad drug infested neighborhood wearing a low cut, cleavage showing, hot skintight beige dress and high heel mules in the middle of the afternoon and ask the meanest toughest guy sitting there who also happens to reveal that yes he in fact is carrying a gun, and say with hands on hips, and perfectly coiffed hair and make-up, “hey, where’s big mike.” i would have worn the baggiest of pants and a sweatshirt and i would have never flashed my cleavage. this was hell, not hell’s wearhouse. there were no bargains.
maybe i’m nit picking. that’s possible. i’m a nit picker. maybe many many women would show up in chanel or barneys ny or versace having just come from a mani/pedi and hence the open toe shoes.
i just don’t think she deserved an academy award for her performance.
there was a moment when meryl streep as julia childs was pacing on the porch — a letter (rejection, acceptance?) having just arrived in the mail from a publisher was clutched to her chest – the agony, the doubt, the excitement, the worry, the yes the no… the “will they won’t they,” pacing, pacing…closing her eyes, imagining… that smile, that fear… that moment on that porch where she was hoping hoping that her book would be bought, published … that moment alone beat out sandra bullock stomping onto the field, grabbing her now or soon to be adopted son and telling him that he needed to protect his team just like he protected his now brother BJ or DJ or SJ in the car accident … and then sashayed off.
i like sandra.
i like her heart & soul.
and now that i’m much less emotional about the whole jesse james tattoo sex jamboree, i’m sorry…
maybe it’ll be another blow, maybe i’ll be asked to return my “two weeks notice” baseball cap … but no no.
today, this moment in bed, writing this…
i feel meryl was cheated.
come on sandra, text her and tell her you’re sorry.

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  1. melody george

    OMG..you really are my twin in another zone…I thought every single thing you just wrote!! I love sandra bullock..lovely lovely individual ( i guess? I mean i dont know her..never spoke with her but her public personna seems lovely) but I do not think she should have won the academy award either. When I saw Julie/Julia ..I turned to my husband and said..”Meryl just won another oscar.” I thought Bullocks portrayal was a caricature and i thought Meryl was the real thing. Honestly I think Im always going to recall Meryls face as Julia when I think of Julia more than the ‘real’ Julia.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    I saw the Blind Spot last week too, and I turned to my husband and said the same thing- I feel like I’m watching a TV movie. I mean, I appreciated the sentiment, and don’t get me wrong, when I’m in a mood I can spend days watching cheesy Lifetime movies, but Oscars???
    The Oscars are the Superbowl in my house. They are taken very, very seriously. And Meryl? She is an untouchable goddess in my book. NO ONE should ever win an Oscar when they’re up against her.
    But Gabourey from Precious was mind-blowing too. Really, that movie blew me away. It should have been her, before Sandra. But you’re right – it should have been Meryl.

  3. Janet

    Meryl should have won it, no doubt. But Sandra deserves it for her real life drama!

  4. MJ

    Perhaps you are right, I never thought of it as such. I didn’t see Julie/Julia nor Precious nor the other nominated films however. I did see The Blind Side. I thought it was an inspirational, touching, heart warming story and a dream of so many unfortunate, underprivileged youths. For some reasons beyond our comprehension, Sandra won the award above the other fabulous women. Everything happens for a reason……

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