the girl team

when i started writing my book a few years ago my husband asked me point blank, “baby, whatdya want from this?” i didn’t blink or hesitate. i knew. i said: I WANT WOMEN TO AWAKEN TO THEIR GREATNESS.
i know, bold, audacious. HUGE .. but oh so, so, so spot on.
to me there is nothing more powerful than realizing that your mission is to help other folks walk through theirs. their mission.
that’s it. not flowery shit, no moments of revelation. simple. pure. i want women to awaken to their beauty and greatness, i want women TO STOP COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER, AND COMPLETE EACH OTHER. i want women to stop feeling threatened, or “less than,” to stand tall, be courageous, i want women to be generous beyond belief. if you get pushed to the back of the line, for god sake DO NOT TRY AND SQUEEZE yourself in, start another line!!!! start another line! don’t take the short of of the stick — throw the frickin’ stick away. START ANOTHER LINE.
if we women don’t support and inspire each other,  put our proverbial money where our mouth is, then we are no better than any man who tramples on his employee out of fear of losing his job.
we have got to stop making promises of gifting when we don’t mean it, we have got to stop manipulating to get our way. we have to stop thinking that if one gets something, others will not. it’s hard to switch gears, it’s hard to stop pushing your way past others. it doesn’t make you better, or bigger…. it only makes you more competitive. we have got to be generous with the absolute belief that paying it forward is about opening our hearts.

one of my closest and dearest friends told me recently of a woman who needed to be praised, needed to be rewarded’ for introducing her to another woman. she, this other woman, needed to be credited for making that introduction. you know, kudos to her. hmmm. i go right to the ick factor on that one. icky shit.

here’s the deal. the real deal. if one of us succeeds, chances are MANY MANY MANY doors will open and others will succeed. if we push and scratch and feign generosity, doors will close, and keep closing. it’s a miracle how genuine breeds genuine, and manipulaton breeds manipulation. it’s simple cause & effect, i didn’t make this shit up.


we women deserve better from other women. we deserve to be treated with gratitude and kindness and appreciation because we would want and expect that from anyone, and we in turn must lift and support and inspire and encourage all women to rise. to be huge, to go beyond our own limitations and we must root them on. and there will be days when we feel jealous and envious, and no i will not help this person. but i promise you, CAT SCRATCH FEVER is no fun.


makes you think deeply think.

this is a clue, the deal, the absolute:
every woman i know who has genuinely deeply truthfully paid it forward, played it forward  —  her life expands beyond her wildest expectation. beyondo. BEYOND-OH. big wonderful amazement is now on your radar…
it’s an absolute.

a given

we don’t wanna play with the big boys.

we wanna play with the gorgeous, amazing, brilliant, holy shit, smart as whips, fast as kites, kind,  generous — the wow oh wow WOMEN.

this is a team you don’t wanna miss out on.

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  1. KLPVR1953

    I just can’t help myself, I have to dance, just a little. You are my hero. Your mission, pure and simple is to inspire women to inspire women.

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