i don’t normally write 2 blogs a day. i write one, and i’m often content with what i’ve written, but i just this second read that tylenol was recalling children’s medication. liquid tylenol and pediatric benadryl and some other medication.

between oil spills & recalls & virulent hatred in this country & name calling & palin my ass & some much nastiness, and hate, and on and on and on…

i request at some point today we stop. JUST STOP, and count our blessings. each & every one of them.

i can see one right now weeding out in the garden.

he is kind & sweet & loving & not always perfect or right or funny, but…. he is such a good good man with a good heart & boy oh boy can he love. he loves like crazy. and he loves me good, and wow…. one blessing. right now. i can see him. but he can’t see me, and thank goodness he can’t because i have not washed yet and i’m still wearing my PJ top.

oh, and my friends…. (males first) PETER & MICHAEL & TOM ….and some old (as in … A LONGER TIME…girlfriends): KAREN & kristi & terri & ELIZA, & amy L &  gail & holly stein & barbara d. & robyn & claire OOOOOOOO! & ingrid & frances & maleyne, and nancy & linda & kathy bumball & tina & patricia & gorgeous sexy krista & sexy gorgeous brooke & roberta & carla…. BETH!!!!! and ANDIE, EVA, DONNA… MARCIA g. and oh my god… and some newer but just as amazing & gorgeous: KRISTTTTTTTTTINE & MELODY GEORGE & amy f., and HOLLYE HOLMES DEXTER & barbara g.h., & molly, & kate, & LINDA LICHTMAN, & diane &  on and on & MJ and maxie and oh my god…

please, let’s stop. at some point, and count our blessings.

and i would personally like to make a recall request:

i would like to recall jesse james, and the seven freak-broads who think writing an apology note to sandra bullock makes up for all their shitty frickin’ sleaze. and how dare you sue for defamation of character … excuse me, you would need to have some character, and yes, some dignity to begin with to be able to sue over that…. what are you fucking kidding?



very very very bad medicine and NO SHELF LIFE. none.

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  1. Hollye Dexter

    I’m all for the jesse james recall – put tiger woods on there too.
    and I am ALL FOR making today a Counting Your Blessings Day, and how about treating ourselves to detoxifying News fast…i mean, just for one day.

  2. co

    LOLOL I’d love to recall republicans but I hear some have actual beating hearts. and pets that like them.

    I’d like to recall the years I wasted not realizing the layers of self-hate were running the show and I’d like to recall the sources of that self-hate which has to be taught since we’re pretty much born enjoying ourselves give or take a few dirty diapers.

    And I’d like to recall all the bad food I wasted my student loans on. I still have to pay it all back but have nothing to show for it. I mean besides the several degrees that guarantee entry level day jobs.

    And most of all I’d like to recall all the misery I lived in because I never knew having gratitude was the antidote until like I was old. er. ish.

    So better late than never is what I’m fucking grateful for . And most of all I am grateful for the fucking great friends who grabbed my ungrateful ass and gave me a shake and said YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS BULLSHIT…. and so I am.

    So Amy, bubbie. You wanna split the entre and I’ll get the soup?

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