for the record….

i have to say that the two women who are teaching me HOW TO FISH are tada:

MELODY GEORGE & kristine van raden.

my husband — my gorgeous amazing holy shit how did i get so lucky — husband said to me:


here’s to my two amazing teachers who are in fact teaching me every single day how to be more generous, truthful, accepting, OPEN, embracing… less fearful… because they are so generous and open and oh so frickin’ truthful.

and KEN DID SAY… no agenda’s there. none. so, i add two more to the pema/angelina list…

please, a round of applause for the women — melody & kristine — who make me shine.

and to end with a quote from pema:

one is all.

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  1. kristine

    There are people, who show up on our paths that bring with them a kind of devine light. You know them when you meet them, because they are rare. They seem to have been “special delivery” from the place in the universe that is desirous of love, magic and all things pure.
    When these people show up, there is an awakeness and awareness in your soul that can barely be contained.

    amy, you are the shining light on my path, that literally showed up out of thin air. I am beyond grateful.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    me too!
    What she said ^

    ( who could say it any better?)

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