CAP 21!!!!!!!!!!!the ushers ball – an absolute must!!!!!

i’m sure by now, you all know that i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE CAP21 org. and you all know how much i adore eliza ventura and frank ventura (oh, my god… talk about TEAMWORK) and i am just so over the moon and amazed by what these two extraordinary people have founded and created and maintained and sustained and given birth to, and … AND the kicker, the big huge amazing kicker is that they have created an environment – an actual collaborative environment – that not only nurtures and brings joy to, but ALL THESE AMAZING FABULOUS FOLKS work side by side, together with them. my god. it’s better than a good family reunion. this is like the place to be & go to when you’re feeling any need for joy, & comfort & soul.
carey & molly & james & on and on… i don’t know the guy’s name (we’ll just put that in the menopause bin) – the one who sits at the reception desk – but boy oh boy when i show up there, he’s just the sweetest and nicest and kindest… and the woman (again, MEMORY LOSS) who works on the marketing & PR… oh, what a doll … every one of them. kind, nice, well groomed.
anyway, as i always i digress or worse, take forever to get to the point.
the point is:
last night ken & drove in for the opening of the beautiful, lovely EXTRAORDINARILY acted and beautifully DIRECTED and wonderfully WRITTEN play.
it’s filled with magical moments and outstanding performances and it’s both heartbreaking and funny. so rare. so rare.
and i got a bit teary eyed – not full out snot nose crying – that would have been embarrassing…(i did wear make-up) but i did feel my heart breaking, and jennifer, the lead actress, is a young gorgeous nicole kidman (but much shorter than she appeared on the stage, which BLEW ME AWAY because in that moment i understood the power, the shear power of being good at something… she WAS HUGE & stunning & oh, so alive…) and oh my god, larry, the main usher, don’t get me started, i fell in love & swooned. i did. he’s reminds me of geoffrey rush, but better & much more handsome.
the thing is this:
CAP 21 is like a family to me. the best kind of family. they nurture, and support and love you like crazy until you’re ready to leave home, and then they call all the time to make sure you’re okay and healthy and ask… do you need anything?
i am so frickin’ lucky to be a part of this amazing gorgeous slightly neurotic BUT OH SO JOYOUS family.
and now i want you all to be:
please, see this production. see the magic of what this theater company can do.
applaud them.
and while i have you … they’re a non for profit, they love accolades but they also need money. contributions & donations to keep going so they can keep on doing these evenings that make everything that’s going on outside in the world seem just a bit kinder.

thank me later.
but go to the theater now.

and a special nod to frank, who truthfully and honestly can take something that’s yes, really good, but make it frickin’ great & brilliant & give it life in a way that didn’t seem possible. I know this first hand.
i hope you’re feeling better.

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