oh, for goddess sake….

so this is a true story.

i, like everyone else, i want to be famous & recognized. truly. you know…. to the point where i have to wear sunglasses so when i go to bed at night… you know, the glare of the lights.
okay, well, maybe not that famous, i exaggerate. but yes yes yes recognized and stopped on the street or subway or at the toll both or somewhere … for goddess sake. let me tell you straight out that most writers, authors, are hardly ever recognized, unless of course you’re nora ephron. or stephen king. or anyone who has been on ellen, or oprah. or sirius radio.
i have been on BETTERTV.com, and a few other local northeastern tv …spots….morning shows.

but i can dream.

and truth be told, i have been stopped, that, oh my god moment, the oh my god…. excuse me… are you are you are you … are you ….MERYL STREEP????

and this is what happened well very… recently, and i have to blog about it because it’s sort of …. well, you’ll see.

excuse me, excuse me, oh my god, excuse me… are you meryl streep? i mean, you look just like her. really truly.
(i’m a bit shy, coy at this point… not sure i want to burst her bubble , so i well, look down and do the whole meryl mouth thing… and then i say:)
yes. really. oh my god. you look just like her.
thank you. thank you so much. (i am beaming!!!!) devil wears prada?
no, no… no… oh, no….ironweed.
ironweed. i loved ironweed. oh my god. she was…
excuse me, iron fucking weed? are you fucking kidding me?
ironweed. the one with jack nicholson, they were both alcoholics and homeless… that movie?
yes, yes, i loved her in that movie and you remind me of her when she sang danny boy.
(i am so well… taken a back & conflicted, because well, i loved that scene!!!!)
well. thank you. that’s so kind, sweet. that was such a good scene. really, and no no no, i’m not meryl. not that meryl. i’m more the (as i touch my hair… my great, short sexy hair) devil wears prada meryl. you know the older sexier meryl. that one. and you know, by the way, that meryl in ironweed, that meryl was what, fucking 30 years old. okay. so, she was younger than you and looked LOOKED older than me. i have to go now, i’m a famous author.
really, what book?
(and i hem & haw… and say…)
oh my god… you’re kidding????? wasn’t meryl in that movie too?

yes. she was. did you mean that movie because she and jack were in that one also?
i know, i know…. no, no… no. oh no. i meant ironweed.

and you imagine how the rest of my fucking day went. i can’t say downhill because that would be deep down hell.

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  1. kristine

    COME ON…Meryl Streep and Halle Berry all in the same week….that is a fabulous combination…
    I get mistaken for Sam Shepherd…wanna trade?

  2. co

    I get mistaken for the girl they hated in high school. I am not making this up. And these are friends.

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