check please!

sean penn in anger management. check
scientology a big bad cult. check. check. yes, i said check.
jesse james has another mistress coming out of the ‘wood.’ well, sounds like a double check, and a weird double check.
could she, is she… OMG…. gay? uh? that should go under the oh who gives a shit check.
lindsay lohan went ballistic over e-trade. oh some one please, CHECK her into grown up rehab.
new name for mothers day – for all the women who are childless, or motherless – WOMEN’S DAY: CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!!!

and do something – one lovely thing – for someone: man, woman, child, animal – every single day, someone you know, someone you don’t know, a total stranger, a friend, an advocate, a neighbor. make a difference in someone’s life. please.

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