round & round we go.

“The story of The Capeman is compelling and powerful, and Paul Simon’s score is brilliant, memorable and gorgeous,” said Public artistic director Oskar Eustis in a statement. “We are delighted to offer New Yorkers the chance to experience this wonderful concert in the most beautiful theater in the city, the Delacorte.”
So i’m lying here in bed with some god awful hideous (truly hideous) flu – a stomach flu, and maybe it was the water, maybe it was the food, maybe it was that i’m just so sick and fucking tired that folks don’t get credit where credit due.
I mean, really, is that ever asking too much? Anyone who thinks giving credit to someone, or a few someone’s, sharing the pie — anyone who thinks that’s NOT okay… shoo. go away. this is a not the blog for you. You’re obviously looking for a blog that leans much more to the right. And no, I don’t care how funny you think my blog is, if you don’t play well with others, come back when you’ve learned a few manners or two…or three.
I happen to know that THE CAPEMAN is an incredible book, written by a dear. dear friend of mine, Richard Jacoby. And this is not the first time that Mr. Jacoby has been discarded, overlooked, with not one mention of the fact. And…he’s not just any guy. He’s a good guy, a kind guy … the kind of guy who would go to bat for you, because you know with every fiber in your being that HE would take a bullet for you. Richard & I met through a mutual dear friend, Amy Friedman, who knew we would like each other, share war stories, laugh in the middle of the night — online, no less, and open our hearts & souls about intimate stuff. The kind of stuff you share with someone, well, someone who is profoundly worthy of opening your heart to. He’s the ‘safe place’ to go. And let me share a teeny story about Richard. A month or so ago, I was having the most horrible time with my meds. I was on the wrong dosage of an anti-depressant and found myself in a hotel room – A HAMPTON INN – no less, scared to death of what was going on with me, emotionally, physically, spiritually. And who do you really call in moments like that? The best in your life. You pick up the phone, or send an e-mail and since – since i’m spilling my guts right now – both literally & figuratively – ken and I had a bad fight. We did. Hence the room at The Hampton Inn, and god knows I would never leave Ken, but that night, while I was imploding from a horrible over-dosage of cymbalta, i reached for a life line. It was Richard, and he calmed me and he knew exactly what i was going through and he held my hand (figuratively) and he said repeatedly: you’ll be fine I’m here for you. although he did manage to throw in a story of a women who was ‘too medicated,’ who jumped out the window and survived. I’m big on happy endings.
Well, how fucking great I get to reciprocate. Now. Right now. In this moment, while I’m, well… trying to not puke my guts up.
You write a book, you spill your guts, you spend years & years & years, researching, working, getting it right, trying to get it even more right … and at the end of the day, you are holding in your hands the manifestation of all those years. All those edits, all those moments. To say it’s a glorious feeling is putting it mildly. You have given birth and it is more beautiful than you imagined.
And then a few egos fall into the mix. and we’ve all been there, you hear famous composer: BINGO, you hear famous director: BINGO BINGO… and then you find yourself watching from the sidelines. Further nudged into a corner.
Richard Jacoby wrote a book. It is called Conversations with the Capeman, The Untold Story of Salvador Agron.
Hubert Selby Jr. (not too fucking shabby) wrote the introduction. Paul Simon said: “A very New York story, Salvador Agron looked like a rock ‘n’ roll hoodlum. He looked like the 50’s.” And my favorite quote, get this,” “Humanizing instead if demonizing,” Tom Hayden. Love that.
And now this, The Delacorte Theater. Well I personally for many many reasons would like Mr. Jacoby to be given a huge round of applause and acknowledgment, not because he’s such a good fucking guy … because he deserves to be credited and all around acknowledged for writing such a masterpiece.
Come on give it up.
And we wonder why – why oh fucking why — there’s so much hatred and violence and bullying in the world. Have we learned nothing, nothing at all since Salvador Agron went away to prison? Have we not learned that generosity of spirit is what inspires, nurtures, and fills a soul.
Read the book. Go on, read it. Be prepared to be blown away. Applaud my good amazing brilliant friend, but more more than that … MORE THAN THAT: always, without fail, give credit where it’s due. You’d be surprised how much kinder and lovelier the world would look.

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  1. Hollye Dexter

    Oh Amy – what a beautiful piece you wrote, and OH how I agree!
    Richard’s work is stunning, and he deserves to be witnessed in all his brilliance.
    Thank you for writing this.

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