finger on the pulse – day 2

well. not much happened.
the sex (from the night before) knocked us both out. this is what happens when you’re in your 50’s and 60’s respectfully and there is NO, absolutely NO frickin’ air-conditioning in the apartment that we’re staying in down in south beach. you’d think for the kind dough that this place costs per minute they’d have perfect air flow. but no. not even close. so it’s hot & sticky. and hot & sticky can be a major irritant for cranky & amy. let’s say that one more time: CRANKY & AMY.

for an activity, we went to the cuban nostalgia fair. uninspiring, unimpressive. and the GPS girl was so snarky it’s a miracle we made it to the fairgrounds. after a few re-calibratings, i swear to god, she just about lost it. so, that particular ‘day trip’ was a bit shaky from the get go. and i often long for cuba, so i was not at all impressed and yes, somewhat dissapointed. all i yearned for, truly, after spending a good few hours there, was air-conditioning, and a really good mojito, but on the bright side i did win 25 bucks with a scratch and snif ticket. so not all was lost. i gave the money to ken with the instructions to take the 25 and make it grow into 2.5 million. he’s such a good guy. let’s see where that goes.
and then back to the apartment where we popped open a very good bottle of champagne, toasted each other, fran, marvin, ken & i, and all our friends….and i made a special toast to liz, krista, brooke, eliza, melody, kristi, kristine, molly, hollye, linda, amy, holly, maxee, carol, barbara, karen, et al, saying: TO GIRL POWER MAY WE LIFT EACH OTHER ALWAYS. and i also noticed that i had a couple of kris’s in my life: kristine, krista, & kristi… and two HOLLY/HOLLYE’S. how cool is that?
and then i drank like a fucking fish – silly as can be – and with my head throbbing, i turned and looked at my husband, who hours earlier had gotten the best sexy buzz cut, and boy oh boy did he look hot & sexy, as opposed to my day state: CRANKY & BITCHY, and i thought as i looked at his baby blues when he asked me: “Baby, whatdya want for our anniversary? Is there anything you want”
yes, ken, i want peace on earth, and no more bullying, and a full 24 hour kindness day, and enough money for all and everyone, and great health care, and less illness, and understanding of the human condition and a ban on beck and o’reilly and i would like very much for palin to stop pretending to be a smart woman and come out as the skank gold digger she really is, i would like all of the mistresses of tiger & jesse & john & charlie to donate ALL OF THEIR lawsuit winnings to GEMS, or Women for Women Intl, or any organization that helps rebuild women’s lives. and my fervent wish: i’d like all women to wear the same size shoe so we can always ALWAYS have enough shoes to go around so no one has to ever be barefoot without it being a choice….
but here’s what i said: “Nothing. I have everything I could ever want.”

and you know, i really truly deeply mean it.
I got it all.

nothing matches kindness. nothing.

day two. check.

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  1. kristine

    sounds like you are finding more than a few moments of contentment…
    it is amazing to surrender to “what is” and be pleased.
    I miss you…I know you are hot…I mean sweaty hot…I mean desperate for air conditioning and a dish of ice cream…well, I also know you are hot enough to be mistaken for Halle Berry…be safe

  2. Becky

    Great that you’re recognizing that you have what you want! I like your wishes though. Just found your blog through She Writes 🙂

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