cutting back…

okay, so i read this AM that mayor bloomberg will be eliminating raises for teachers.
i’m gonna just leave it at that because it seriously pisses me off – i find these cuts horrible at best, and thoughtless at the very least.
it’s very clear and obvious that we are in financial trouble. everyone i know is scrambling, living on borrowed hope, selling their homes, counting pennies, trying to save, downsizing, uprooting, letting go of, praying, finding god (or the like), cashing in, holding on, being brave, settling for less — and while i absolutely believe that less is more — i also believe that goes under the category of choice. folks are scared. worried. staying up at night, and no, it’s not only menopause. the fear of losing it all, not having enough.
one of the things i find disturbing, and maybe disturbing is the wrong word – disconnected, unenlightened perhaps – is that movies -FILMS, MOVIES – cost an arm and a leg and kidney to shoot, to film. hundreds of millions of dollars – let me say that again, hundreds of millions of dollars – go into filming, shooting, making a movie. big gigantic massive 7 figure paychecks, the amount of which could feed a country. pay for education, pay for healthcare… okay, here’s a question: why oh why do folks need to earn 25 million dollars FOR EVERY SINGLE MOVIE they star in? can’t they make 25 million for one? i don’t wanna get on a soap box, but i’m just saying, when is ENOUGH really truly ENOUGH? at what point is having so much not enough? at what point do we stop and say, you know, maybe we oughta forgo this salary and offer up an endowment for art in schools.
is it that we’re so god awful greedy that we hate giving a piece away? is it that as long as we have more, we feel bigger and better and more worthy? is it that without it, we’re just an average human being and that scares us? is it that it makes us feel more powerful, more entitled?
not giving teachers a raise is not a good message to send out in the world.
how about we start making movies for less money. how about movie stars start taking less money, how about all the perks that go into filmmaking from the small & trite (specific bottled water) to the large & obnoxious (flying to location a famous actors personal gym & all his equipment) — how about everything being taken down a few notches, and then take all that money, the millions of dollars that go into perks and put all that dough INTO OUR SCHOOLS, INTO OUR ART PROGRAMS, INTO OUR ELDER CARE COMMUNITIES. INTO OUR EDUCATION. INTO OUR HOSPITALS. how about instead of actors & actresses flying around the world in private jets, they travel … oh, i don’t… let’s say first class. and how about not giving reality stars so much fucking money for doing exactly what everyone else is doing in the privacy of their own homes, like bickering, losing weight, surviving on an island – my god, who didn’t survive an island: HELLO….TWO WORDS: LONG ISLAND, and how about we start showing our kids that doing something really shitty & awful & humiliating doesn’t carry a huge paycheck.
i don’t know about you but cutting paychecks that are already small, weeding & cutting away creative programs that are meant to inspire and engage and then replaying over and over and over the actress or actor who storms off a set because his coffee wasn’t hot enough, or his or her water wasn’t cold enough… or they had to wait for twenty minutes in their plush gorgeous holy shit an entire length of a street block trailer.

come on.

make a ruckus.

it’s called the future.

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  1. kristine

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…Yes, Yes and more Yes! I dream of winning the PowerBall and all the things I could do with 250 million…I get as far as buying the genuine leather purse I covet over the plastic one I could afford…then, I would pay off my son-in-laws rediculous student loan so that he and my daughter can have the baby they crave; 3 million $ to restore schools in Haiti, 2 million to buy and restore an old lodge on 40 acres and turn it into an art and writing center for children; a pocket full of $1,000 bills that I hand out to every person holding a cardboard sign that says “I need help, bless you”; organic food in schools, the development of alternative energy, cleaning up the gulf, help to all those struggling families out of work; health care for every child; an ad campaign that features average women and girls and praising their mental and creative abilities over the size of their thighs and butts; relief for the women and children in so many parts of Africa; new New Balance workout shoes(don’t need em, but want em). Obviously 250 million is not enough but one hell of a start.

  2. Ipey

    Carolynn, this post screams to me. I’ve been shirceang for something more…or less, my entire life. And, I have no idea just what it is that I’m shirceang for. I’ve never been content in life – not that I can ever remember anyway, but if so, it is fleeting. I too, long to be somewhere quiet and restful. I envision a small house in the mountains with my horse where I can just be. I would like to awaken each morning to the sounds of birdsong and water gurgling in the creek and smell the warm scent of pine. I would love to take pictures, read, garden, ride my horse and just breathe in freedom for once in my life. I’ve never been free to do what I want. I’ve always had to work at a job just to pay the bills so that I could live. I keep trying to find time to live my life, but by the end of the day, I’m usually spent and don’t have any energy left, nor the funds to do anything but survive. I’m afraid that I will wake up one day and realize that it’s too late. I do have a lot of blessings in my life, and I know that things could be a lot worse. But, I’ve always longed for a life without constant constraints and schedules and rules. I just keep praying about it, and in the meantime wake up everyday, go to work and try to remember to be thankful in all things.My grandma used to tell me that, good or bad – nothing ever stays the same.Hopefully, we’ll both get where we need to be someday.Blessings.

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