so much, so little

there is so much to write about.
and then there’s nothing…
nothing at all.
not that nothing is bad or awful and i don’t even mean it in a ‘nothing at all’ sort of way. but i can find a blog in anything.
i can. truly.
i am sitting in the hotel room, after having an 80 minute massage, which included a trip to heaven. i have news for you, heaven is not what you think it is. it’s not all white and dreamy. there are no lights, not every one is wearing a flowing white schmata, or caftan. not everyone has a smile plastered on their face in a sort of cult like way. heaven is right there, in you. honest. it’s where you stop worrying, and stop thinking so much, and stop agonizing over whether you said the right thing to the wrong person. it’s the place where all of a sudden you can breathe, and nothing and no one seems like a problem. it’s right there in you. honest. i was there today. for a few minutes. and all i thought was: i am the buddha. i am.
and then i had to flip over. and heaven wasn’t so easily accessible.
but that’s okay. i think once you find something, like a street, or a store, or a person … you can remember again how to get there. find them again.

but i need to share this with you, because who would i be if i didn’t.

since i had this experience on the massage table, i thought hmmm. maybe i oughta rent a car and go to the beach, and watch … i don’t know … the water, people… something… you know, just BE.
and so i open the hyatt guest services book to find a car rental place, and it opens to:

i think, hmmmm. how amazing. how perfect. i just had a quasi-religious experience and boom, look where it opens, and so, i read:

St. Timothy’s
Church of the Good Shepherd

Temple Isaiah (Reform)
Sinai Temple (Conservative)
Congregation Mogen David (Orthodox)

In all guest rooms.


that’s what i’m talking about. CATHLIC, JEWISH, SAFE DEPOSIT.
isn’t that heaven?

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    utterly brilliant

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