daddy’s girl

today is father’s day.
my father passed away a little over ten years ago.
he was imperfectly perfect. he was. he was funny & charming & impatient & handsome & difficult & unforgiving & sweet & relentless & a worrier. oh my god, a big time worrier. boy oh boy did he worry. about everything. big & small. teeny & grand. and… and… he loved golf & he loved my mom & he loved reading & theater & plays & musicals & 007/bond movies & he worried about everything & everyone. but mostly, he loved his family. he did, and i miss him.

and so today, in memory of my dad i wish all men – those who are father’s and those who aren’t – well.
i wish them well. i wish them very, very, very well. oh so very well.

well, maybe not all. most. most men. mostly i wish them very well & very happy & very healthy & much joy. and much love. and i wish them good women, because a good woman is way better than a good meal.
it’s true.
first, we last longer. and second, good women can change the world.
it’s true.
and i wish men the grand ability to pay attention & listen to those good women, or at the very least the ability to make believe they’re paying attention. that would earn points. miles. dividends. big time.

i know for a fact when ken pays attention to me, and listens to me his day goes much, much better. and he’ll be the first to admit that.
he will.
and along with that wish, i want to make a special wish, a blow out candle kind of wish:

today i wish mike workstel (who is such a good dad, and such a good husband, and such a good good man) good health.

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  1. kristine

    I am thankful for the realization that the Super Man I called dad has at long last retired his cape and is ready to just be an ordinary man. I loved that Super Man, I did, but with such a significant calling and the ability to do everything perfect and everyone who saw him loving him and needing him…well I spent my life in awe, mostly. Now I am in awe and in love with my father, the man…I still think he is just super.

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